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went to school nude today

2017-06-08 05:32:03 by tracystruther

today i went to school nude.

6392158_149691420591_menakedontheplayground.pngpeople were all pointing and giggling and then the headmaster came out and started shouting "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING FUCK OFF HOME AND GET DRESSED" and so i did.


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2017-06-08 07:49:30

The real question is, HOW did you get to school naked? Did no one stop you while in transit?

(Updated ) tracystruther responds:

the streets were pretty quiet cos i was late.
anyone that did see my just covered their eyes.
i did it just to annoy this kid that i hate.


2017-06-09 05:17:18

Maybe next time just rub some peanut butter in his hair?

tracystruther responds:

who's hair?


2017-06-10 18:03:50

No wait don't do that, if he's allergic, could be bought up on attempted murder charges
If only parents would feed their infants a little peanut laced stuff from time to time, severe reactions like that could totally be prevented

tracystruther responds:

true but i could easily cover it up.


2017-06-11 19:25:55

The annoying kid's hair.

tracystruther responds:

good idea.